Snow… Snow… and MORE SNOW!!!

So have I ever mentioned that I HATE the f’n snow?!?  I very rarely sit and bitch and moan about things; but what happened here on Long Island over the last 24 hours was damn ridiculous!!!  We had well over a foot of snow, sleet and hail and guess what?  We are do for MORE over the course of the next seven days!  Meanwhile, the guys who run the street plows are apparently as dense as they come in my town… why do they insist on making the work five times harder for the people who need to manually shovel their drive ways?  For those of you with your own homes and even those of you who have the responsibility of shoveling; you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.  Well, the hundred feet of snow was bad enough. Could it get worse?  Umm, YEAH!  I did not have the opportunity to take down my gazebo prior to the last storm due to my travel schedule (and my wife certainly could not do it on her own).  At some climactic point in the wee hours of the snow-filled night, our gazebo IMPLODED!!!  Yep, I said it… IMPLODED!!!  At least that was what my lovely wife woke me up at 5am to tell me… uh huh, it did.

Thank G-d that I was scheduled home this week, although a couple of filmings I had in Manhattan are probably going to need to be rescheduled.  Could you imagine living or working in NYC right now?  Brimstone is based in Hell and I can tell you that I’d rather be there than in the city with all that obnoxious white substance that has no redeeming social value other than pissing off everyone within 100 miles of it (not too unlike a handful of people I know… LoL).  Today… I join the ranks of all the haters out there; not against a person or group of people who do things that I’m unable to do and wish I could… but for the one thing that I simply can’t do ANYTHING about: the evil SNOW

Now, could snow be fun?  Hellz yeah!  Playing with the kids, snowball fights, building igloos, skiing and sledding… but NOT shoveling!  Perhaps I should have picked up a snowblower when I thought about it last year?  Probably.  But hindsight is 20/20

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Just Droppin’ a Line…

First and foremost I want to wish a Happy and Healthy Hound Birthday to my Hound Comics partner Sajad Shah AND the Hound Comics webmaster Frank Lamberti!!!  It’s a two in one… LoL!  Today was a VERY good day for all intent and purpose.  I received the final three pages for Brimstone and The Borderhounds issue number three (which fell behind in production due to the holidays… Arrgh!).  When I tell you that our team gets better with every issue… I am DEAD serious!  I am literally SO psyched for the world to see this… HOT!  Anyway, moving on… It was a pleasure to be a guest on Trash Talking Radio for their inaugral West Coast show on FM yesterday.  For those of you who do not know about Mike & Trish Trash of TTR… tune in because you seriously have no idea what you are missing!  I have a blast EVERY time I’m a guest on their show.  Last night was another late evening yet again.  No rest for the wicked! 

So I must admit that writing the BrimBLOG at this new location is really weird for me.  It feels almost sacrilegious to be writing somewhere other than on my Official Website.  In reality; I think I am kinda diggin’ the way this blog host operates.  I’ve been spending time here the last couple of days (whenever I have the opportunity) putzing around on the back-end and attempting to learn what’s capable on this system and what isn’t.  Certain things here are pretty frustrating and the ‘HELP’ system was absolutely NO help at all!  But I think that it’s coming along pretty well for the most part. 

Lastly, I decided to do a little something fun and special for my wife this evening!  Over the course of the last week, we have been talking about how she has never seen Carvel’s famous Cookie Puss cake.  LoL, she had no clue that it’s supposed to be an ice cream alien… Hahaha… Well, I decided to surprise her with one and sing my own American Idol version of “Verry Merry Un-Birthday” to her as I unveiled it.  Needless to say it was D-Lishus.  Thank you Carvel for being the highlight of the evening thus far at the dinner table!  To the right you’ll see the photo that I decided to send over to Sajad and Frank… I told them that we were having a Cookie Puss in celebration of their birthdays and it was too bad they couldn’t join us… too bad so sad (more for me)!  Speaking of American Idol… I was able to catch it for the first time this season and I must say that it was quasi-refreshing.  I love Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler separately and it turns out that they happen to have great on-screen presence together as well.  Kudos AI for this specific pairing… I was sure that the show was going to completely fall to crap following the departure of Simon.  Although, I would really like to see someone brutaly honest like Cowell step in as well; LoL, they are all WAY too nice!!!  That’s all for now, it’s back to work for ole’ Brim… to all my Borderhounds out there, stay cool!

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Animation Station… The Animated Series is Looking HOT!!!

Animated Series: Cast of Characters


It is truly amazing how a concept can become a reality… Ever since I was young- a Brim-pebble if you will; I have been interested in comic books and cartoons.  Who would have thought that years later I would personally be the subject of both?!?  Seeing myself in comic and cartoon form albeit better looking and ripped; is surreal.  The fact that my professional wrestling persona will be the subject of a video game and action figure as well just continues to make my childhood dreams come true!  Its crazy that a little over five years ago, my partners and I began discussing the Brimstone and The Borderhounds project and after years of blood, sweat and tears… we not only came off a national and worldwide launch of the comic book via Barnes & Noble, Book World, Amazon and select Borders Books; but we are gearing up for our road to Wizard World Miami where the long awaited and greatly anticipated ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series‘ will rear its ugly head for our World Premiere Sneak Peek of the animation’s title sequence!!!  Let me tell you, for a guy who could talk for hours on end… I’m damn near close to speechless.  It is a blessing to be working with Floating Pear Productions who have been nothing less than a pleasure to deal with.  They’ve really tried to keep the integrity of the comic in their translations of each individual character and are JUST as amped to bring this project to reality! 

One thing is for certain… this series is going to be phenomenal!!!  I hope whoever is in the Miami, Florida area will join us in our celebration at the launch at Wizard World Comic Con:

Hound Comics & Floating Pear Animate Miami

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Good Morning World…

Good Morning World… and ‘almost’ all who inhabit it…!!!

I was unsure if I was going to actually wake up this morning in order to get on track for everything I needed to accomplish today.  I knocked out at about 3:30am after working on content for the Animated Series’ website and a few other things.  Of course I am STILL nowhere near finished with what I started which on occasion gets pretty frustrating!  Although I ‘should‘ be used to working on such little sleep by now… sometimes my brain gets SO ground-up and spit out- that I just get on edge and can’t seem to function properly; which of course just pisses me off more! LoL, it is NOT fun when you have a ton of things to get done and your brain is fried like an egg in those old school public service announcements.  LoL, “This is YOUR brain… THIS is your brain on too much BRIMSTONE!!!”  Hahaha… I can only imagine how people who do drugs can actually function?!?  I can proudly say that I have never smoked, never done drugs and drink on a very slim ‘special occasion’ type basis.  I was never into that whole “lets go get baked” thing… I couldn’t understand it then and I can’t understand it now?  I mean; to each their own… but why would you want to psych your mind voluntarily? 

Anyway… as usual I have WAY too much to do and WAY too little time to do it in!  I was planning on taking the ride into Brooklyn, New York to my old stomping grounds to visit the re-opened Doghouse (the place I originally trained sooo many years ago) where one of my friends and former trainer Low-Ki (Kaval/Senshi) will be holding a three day seminar.  Of course, my schedule is SO damn tight that I can barely fit in time to take a whizz… so alas; it looks as though my plan for later this evening will have to wait until manana IF I can make it work.  Well, as much as I would LOVE to sit here and talk to myself all day… I need to get a move on.  So until next time… Holla

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And so it begins… Again…

Ok… there is an old saying that goes, “Wherever you go, there you are” or “Wherever I lay my hat is my home“.  Well… here I am back again with the blogging!  My original BrimBLOG for some strange reason is giving me a MAJOR issue as far as updating is concerned, so I have decided to finally create a NEW home for the BrimBLOG… hence; BrimBLOG.V2

For those of you who have followed me in the past, you know that I try to update as much as humanly possible.  This does get difficult when I’m on the road, although I am going to really try and keep this sucker updated with Everything Brimstone!!!

So, without further ado… I shall begin with this evening’s goings on!  Tonight was great… I met up with one of my partners, Marcello Carnevali who is the co-founder of Hound Comics and Lead Writer for the Brimstone and The Borderhounds comic book (available NOW at your local Barnes & Noble, Book World or Amazon).  We actually decided to have our business meeting at the original location where we created the Borderhounds Bible about five or six years ago, the Empress Diner in East Meadow, New York.  It was an extremely productive meeting as we discussed some big plans for Hound Comics in 2011 as well as solidified some ideas we had for the Animated Series currently in production with Floating Pear Productions.  Just in case you’ve been living in a box for the last month… you can check out a couple of recent Press Releases HERE and HERE.

Anyway… it’s getting pretty late and I have a lot of work to still do, so I’m going to sign off for now.  Please make sure to add this NEW RSS feed for those of you who follow me!!!


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