Gobble… Gobble… 2011 Update from the Wasteland!

Brimstone: Wizard World Austin, Texas 2011

A HUGE hello to all my Borderhounds out there who have been patiently been awaiting new BrimBLOG‘s for the last few months.  Ok, I know… annoying yes — however; at least I have been utilizing my time in a useful manner!  Come on now people… if you haven’t seen or heard by now; Hound Comics, Inc. has exploded onto the entertainment scene and has been thankfully spreading like a virus!  Our flagship brand, ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds‘ (yep, based on myself ), is the ONLY independently owned and operated comic book series in EVERY Barnes & Noble & B. Dalton in the country which includes over 700 plus locations.  This does not include the tremendous amount of comic book stores, convenience stores and other awesome locations that carry our products.  But wait, theres MORE!!!  We have our Hound Kids Division that has been blowing up and expanding at a rapid rate… we not only have ‘The Border-Pups: CrashBat‘ by Courtney Freeman & Theresa Finnelli; but we have both of Peter ‘Chewbacca’ Mayhew‘s books, ‘Growing Up Giant‘ and ‘My Favorite Giant‘ — and Rich Arons (Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Freakazoid) book, ‘Turbie the Turtle-Duck‘.  They can all be found on BN.com and Amazon.com, as well as on our online store at HoundComics.com.

Brimstone & Luscious at NYCC with the 501st on Red Carpet

So… to be general… I’ve been on the road a lot.  LoL, the Hound Comics Tour has been awesome yet exhausting.  We have literally been everywhere in the country and then some!!!  It really sucks to be away from my family so often; but at least technology has become so advanced… I can spend the little time I actually have seeing and talking to them while I’m away.  I picked up this amazing tablet, the Motorola Xoom which I absolutely LOVE and has literally kept me sane while traveling.  Video chats with my wife and kids at least keep me quasi-sane in a fast-paced go-go-go environment.  So yeah, on the road again… I urge you all to check out our various videos on our Media page; however some stand-outs and my personal picks for you to check out would certainly be Wizard World Ohio, the Circleville Pumpkin Festival, the West Tavern, New York Comic Con, Wizard World Austin, Wizard World Chicago, Wizard World Philly, the Forest of Fear, Renaissance FaireComiConn and the Great Allentown Comic Con.  Thankfully, we are winding down for the remainder of the year and sticking around Long Island for a month or so before heading out again.

Fogo De Chao

Meanwhile… one thing about being on the road that suits me well is our ‘Tidbits from the Wasteland‘ Vlog.  When we head into each area; we like to find out where the tastiest places for eats are in town.  Some are smack-dab in your face — and others are simply so far off the beaten path, you would never know they existed!  Either way… we bring the food to the viewer who wants to know what delicious food lies ahead of their upcoming trip or always wondered what that shack was down the road from their office.  It is outstanding the places that we have had the pleasure of dining at.  Some of my favorites can be seen by clicking the following links: Fogo De Chao, Turf ‘N Surf Po-Boy, Mozaik and Tacos Locos to name only a few!  I know we are waiting on a few other vids to be put up including The Onion who’s food was AMAZING!!! Hands down the BEST pizza in Austin, Texas.  We plan on doing a review section on our site as well to correspond with the videos; just give us a little time while we set things up!

Brimstone's meeting with the Protector

Really, I am extremely proud of everything we have going on at Hound Entertainment.  We have come a long way in the course of only a year, and we anticipate things getting even bigger moving into 2012!  If you have not been keeping up on all things Brimstone and all things Hound… I would certainly suggest checking out our PRESS section on the site which breaks down everything from Official Press Releases to Reviews.  I’m really amped about the new creators and authors that we have signed on to publish including M3, The Protector and Jamie Isaacs‘ book, ‘In Jamie’s Words…‘ launching shortly!  SO much going on and this is just the little bits and pieces…!!!  Anyways, in the past months… I have enjoyed watching the Brimstone character (along with the Luscious character) become a comic book hero, animated hero, video game, children’s book, plush toy and coloring/activity book.  This experience has been surreal and I would like to formally thank all my friends, family and fans for supporting everything I do and following me as I do it!  This Thanksgiving, I’m very thankful for everyone that has had a hand in turning Hound Comics, Inc. into an amazing company to be reckoned with… my loyal fans who have helped to make us a best seller… and my loving family who has sacrificed their time with me to give me the opportunity to continue to do what I do.  2011 has been one of the most all around gratifying years ever… here’s to a lot more to come!


About Brimstone

Brimstone is a professional wrestler, actor, author, philanthropist and comic book hero. In a nutshell, he has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over two decades encompassing everything “entertainment.”
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