Miami to New York… World Premiere Kicked @$$

Brimstone & Ernie Hudson enter Wizard World Miami on the Red Carpet. Photo Courtesy of Paulina Splechta

Oooooohhhhh-weeeeeeee!!!  It has been a wild ride thus far folks!  Wizard World Miami kicked some serious a$$ a couple weeks ago and I’m proud to say that Hound Comics helped in its success… The press has been incredible and the fans have been SO receptive to the Brimstone and The Borderhounds comic book and animated series; it is truly humbling!  If you missed all the hub-bub about our appearance in South Florida, you could check out some stuff at Aventura News, Press Release, Another Press Release, The Miami Hurricane, Shotgun Comics, Mindtrik’d Media, Creature Entertainment, Comi Girl — aww hell… please just Google it and you can find some cool stuff… LoL!!!  It was great getting to catch up with a lot of friends including Torrie Wilson, Nicholas Brendan, Ernie Hudson, Daniel Logan, Bill Sienkiewicz and a handful of others.  Meanwhile, Hound Comics was literally there in force!!!  Marcello Carnevali (writer), Sajad Shah (penciler), Allen ‘Vandal’ Chickering (inker) and I were all on hand representing our brand.  Believe it or not; although working with Allen for the last five years or so — this had been the first time we met him in person as well as the first time we were all in the same place at the same time… except we did miss Thiago Castro (our colorist).  It was a great time had by all at our booth; but it was insane when we went in to launch the World Premiere!  The room was packed with fans and press as we proceeded with our panel concerning the comic and animation… then the moment we were all waiting for — our title sequence on the twenty-foot screen!  I’m not going to lie… it was VERY cool – PERIOD.

Eddie Castillo, Darra Boyd, Low-Ki, Claire Unabia, Marcello Carnevali, Brimstone, Jose Hernandez Jr, Dee Boyd and Damon Wong

Following the return back to New York… on March 8th, 2011 — we held our Issue 2 Release Party at Stone Creek Bar & Lounge which included our New York City Premiere of the Animated Series.  What an evening it was!!!  First off, we were blessed with the presence of a handful of cast members including Low-Ki (formally Kaval in WWE & Senshi in TNA), Claire Unabia (America’s Next Top Model), Jose Hernandez, Jr. (HBO’s Oz), Darra ‘Like Dat’ Boyd (VH1) and last but certainly NOT least… the REAL Luscious (Eddie Castillo)!!!  Our friends over at Floating Pear Productions also made the trip out to the Big Apple from Rhode Island to celebrate with the Hounds for our special announcement.  Also in attendence was another close friend Desi Sanchez (Mtv 2 and Music Choice)… ALWAYS awesome to see Desi!!!  We had a packed house of friends, family and fans who enjoyed complimentary finger foods, conversation and catching up.  I say catching up specifically because I hadn’t seen some of my friends who came through in a while; especially Low-Ki who I hadn’t seen since dropping in on TNA in 2007.  Ki was actually one of my trainers who played an integral part in my breaking into the professional wrestling industry so many years ago.  It was not only an honor for Marcello and I to have him attend the event, but a privilege for him agreeing to be cast for the role of Orgrathan in our animated series.  Moving along… a HUGE thanks to our friend Fernando Cuestas of Nandovision, we have a little clip to share with you in order to find out what our BIG NEWS was…

Yes sir… Peter Mayhew who is perhaps better known to the world as the lovable Wookiee Chewbacca of Star Wars has joined the cast of Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series as The Architect!!!  The crowd was literally in awe when we dropped that information on them… it was tremendous!

More tremendous news on the Hound Comics front is that we are now officially Hound Comics, Inc.!!!  After working on this project for such a long time — it was almost serendipitous that after all these years, we are finally incorporated.  It feels absolutely fantastic that we have been growing at such a rapid rate!  I’m looking forward to continue to build and expand this company that we as a team have hand-crafted from the ground up.  

Brimstone, Kat DeLuna & Low-Ki at Bra Book Digital Release Party

Over the course of the last year… I’ve taken a large portion of my time away from event appearances simply due to my ever-growing responsibility as the CEO of Hound Comics, Inc. (LOVE the way that sounds by the way!).  I have literally been cherry-picking the events that I can actually take the time to attend.  That being said, when my good friend Jene’ Luciani called me to roll through and support the digital release of the Bra Book (which I appear on page 148…) — It was a no-brainer!  I’ve known Jene’ now for many years and aside from considering her a very good friend; she is hands down an amazing entertainment personality.  She works ten times harder than the next person and continues to achieve her goals… I’m very proud of her!  So joined by Low-Ki… on March 10th I headed out to NYC to walk the ‘PINK’ carpet to support!  The party was great and certainly held up to Jene’s high standards of perfection.  It was nice to catch up with Kat DeLuna who I hadn’t seen since we both did the Puerto Rican Day Parade a few years back.  Charles Smith formally of the New York Knicks happened to be in the house as well… VERY nice guy.  Had a great time doing my thing and meeting some new and interesting people.  The event was covered by Bravo!, Life & Style Weekly and Celebrity Life & Style… so keep your eyes peeled for footage in the coming months!  Here was an impromptu interview that I did while at the event… Haha, I could not hear a damn thing — so don’t expect too much!!!  Low-Ki at 4:08 and Brimstone at 5:42 representing Hound Comics, Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series.

Be sure to grab your copy of The Bra Book for your favorite lady!  On another note… I REALLY appreciate all the emails from you fans asking me to update more… I wish that I could guys and gals; my schedule gets extremely busy and sometimes it is just something that I can’t get to!  LoL… It takes a lot to write these things — but I am so glad that you all take joy in reading of my escapades.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I have the BEST fans in the world!!!

Ok, so reminder — Make sure you stop in to your local Barnes & Noble and Book World to pick up your copy of Brimstone and The Borderhounds Issue 2.  Also available on Amazon, the Official Borderhounds Website or any of our digital distributors!

I actually placed at #8 yet again for the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur with my suggestion for determining if your brand is on target… read it [HERE].  To check out a few photos and see what was what at Jene’s shindig… click [HERE].  I shall now leave you all with the AMAZING title sequence of the Borderhounds Animated Series… Please spread the word and help us make this baby go viral… if Rebecca Black could do it — we should certainly be able to get those numbers up people! LoL, until next time… “I got this, you got this, now you know this…”


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Brimstone is a professional wrestler, actor, author, philanthropist and comic book hero. In a nutshell, he has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over two decades encompassing everything “entertainment.”
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