Busy… Busy… Busy…

Brimstone & Marcello Carnevali Signing at the New York Comic Book Marketplace 2-19-11 Photo Credit: Fernando Cuestas

Its been pretty nuts over in the Wasteland as the Hound Comics crew and I have been feverishly working on getting everything accomplished for this coming weekend over at Wizard World Miami.  For those of you who came in late… You can get some information HERE concerning the goings on for this coming weekend.  This past Saturday was extremely successful over at the New York Comic Book Marketplace.  The Hound Comics staff was in full effect at the Big Apple’s Hotel Pennsylvania for a GREAT event compliments of Mike Carbonaro.  It was the perfect pre-launch to our promotional tour as we had the opportunity to meet and greet with fans who have been amazingly accepting of the Brimstone and The Borderhounds series.  It has been quite awhile since I did an appearance in my own backyard of Manhattan — so it was a truly heart warming experience.  Just when you’d think the day couldn’t get any better; Marcello and I were blessed to have two of my favorite people as neighbors for the day… Peter and Angie Mayhew!  It is always an honor and a privilege to spend quality time with everyone’s favorite Wookiee and his adorable wife!

I urge all my Borderhounds out there to support the Mayhew’s two NEW books that have recently been published — Growing Up Giant and My Favorite Giant which are both fantastic works of art!  Growing Up Giant is a graphic novel based on the true story of war and shortages faced by a young giant on his journey to find a place in the world (intended for older children and adults)My Favorite Giant is a whimsical adventure that highlights the differences in people as being a strength instead of a weakness. Written for younger children, its message of acceptance is universal.  Please make sure to pick them up HERE.

A couple of recent links to check out for Everything Brimstone:  I recently weighed in again at #8 in the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’s article on “How to get your brand on Target” which you can read HERE.  You can hear my appearance on Snotley Fun Tyme Radio from the beginning of the month HEREHERE is a review of Brimstone and The Borderhounds Issue #2 found over at Kitty’s Pryde.  If you are a fan who would like to contribute to the Hound’s presence on Comic Vine… please find the Borderhounds articles HERE.  I’m always glad to have the opportunity to work with Heidi Kikel (one of my Official Photographers) — When Director Ralph Henriquez asked me who I’d recommend for shooting stills of his upcoming short-film Fuerza; I was ecstatic to refer him to her!  I play the role of Gravis in the film — Hope the film is as fun to shoot as the photo session was!  I was happy to have been able to take the time in order to attend a benefit the other evening to support the fundraising efforts of a friend in need who lost her husband about a week or so ago.  Hound donated our Drawn In Exclusive Dedication which I’m pleased to say raised a significant amount of cash towards the goal.  I’m glad we were able to help out.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for the interactive web series Shooting Blanks by Director David Dickensen where I play the role of Mr. Good.  From what I saw while we were filming; it looks as though this one is going to be a ‘Do Not Miss’.

Collector's Edition HOUNDS wristbands compliments of Bandeez

So… I have to talk about something completely out of left field… can we say, “Official Limited Edition Collector’s Hound Comics Bandeez wristbands!!!”  If I told you these things are kiddie addictive it would be an understatement… literally!  It seems that nowadays wherever I may roam; I see a mass array of what the kids call Silly Bands either for sale or located strategically on wrists across the land.  Not only little kids either; we are talking adults too!  As I was curious about this fad that is SO similar to the colored bracelets from when I was growing up… I decided that I’d seek out a supplier and discuss potential arrangements for Hound bands.  I luckily came across one of the best manufacturers/wholesalers around in Bandeez!  After back and forth talks between Bandeez CEO Elle Sharp and myself… I find that we now have a gross of HOUNDS wristbands that we will be giving away FREE in Miami to all attendees of the World Premiere (while supplies last).  These things are great… loving the heck outta them!

Visit Utopia for The Borderhounds!!!

Meanwhile, chances are if you live on Long Island… you have either heard of or currently frequent the legendary Utopia.  Well, considering ole’ Brim has a tremendous amount of ties there — I stopped in to deliver their copies of Brimstone and The Borderhounds personally!  I’m proud to say that they have issues 1 – 3… YES!!! ADVANCE COPIES OF 2 and 3!!!  Go pick them up while supplies last!  Utopia is located at 3 Newbridge Road, Hicksville New York 11801 (for those of you who are NOT in the know).

Well, I think that is going to conclude my broadcast for today… LoL, I hope you can all make your way out to visit your main man from the Wasteland this coming weekend at Wizard World Miami!!!  I’ll be joined by my esteemed colleagues M.H. Carnevali, Sajad Shah and Allen ‘Vandal’ Chickering for what will certainly be an eventful weekend — History in the making on many accounts!  If you are in attendance; you’ll see firsthand… just sayin’.  Stay cool people… Hell is hot!


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Brimstone is a professional wrestler, actor, author, philanthropist and comic book hero. In a nutshell, he has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over two decades encompassing everything “entertainment.”
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2 Responses to Busy… Busy… Busy…

  1. Aaron Wilson says:

    See you guys in Miami. Will be attending premier. Welcome to Miami, have a blast!

  2. Jerry Cates says:

    Thank you for posting Peter’s book. Please check out Peter’s fan page on Facebook as well, we post all the latest news about what Peter is up too on this site.

    Thanks again,


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