Holy Animation Brim-Man!!!

Basic sketched panel from 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series' - Credit: Floating Pear Productions

Hey people!  It has been crazy since I last wrote… The Hound Comics team and I have been working overdrive on getting issues three and four completed under our deadlines as well as deciding on direction for issue number 5.  Meanwhile, we have a ton of other things going on such as preparing for our upcoming appearances, dealing with all the licensing deals and just every day Brimstone biz.  It’s all fun and games until someone loses their mind! LoL… As hopefully many of you know by now, we will be revealing a world premiere sneak peek of ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series‘ in Miami on February 26th and 27th at Wizard World Comic Con.  This my friends is a lot of work on not only our animating house Floating Pear Productions; but on us as well… people don’t realize what goes into productions like this!  Let’s just say it doesn’t happen overnight; although some people certainly think it does. 

Panel from 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' Issue #3

Meanwhile, I’m very proud to say that sales of the comic book are looking very good… I’d like to thank all the fans out there for supporting us and all our new readers who are helping us grow.  It’s pretty insane that I’ve been immortalized on paper through comic books, in action figure form and now animated… crazy!  I’ve got to believe that almost everyone has dreamt of accomplishing these feats at one time or another? 

I also have some breaking news for our upcoming Miami appearance… Attendees will not only get to witness the world premiere of the Animated Series; but we are proud to announce that they’ll have a FIRST LOOK at the ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds’ video game for Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network!!!  We’ve been tight-lipped on the game because of the time it takes to create; however fans will have the opportunity to see some basic footage of the playable demo which will be available shortly from what I’m told by our partners over at SGN Games.  I’m also told that the iPhone, iPad and iPod version of the game will be available around May-July 2011… Very exciting!

Speaking of feats that need to be accomplished… I’ve had waaay too much on my plate lately.  Being that I wind up having so much going on at all times; it is difficult to pay full attention to every project that needs it.  I do appreciate all the e-mails I receive asking about when the book is coming out- that being said; I had to put the Autobiography on hold temporarily.  ‘From the Barren Wastelands of my Mind’ will be back into full swing in due time… again, people do not realize how much goes into a project such as this and I refuse to put out an inferior product; especially in a market such as this where every dollar spent is appreciated!  Meanwhile, I’ve also decided that I wanted to go back in and tear it apart by extracting the filler and injecting more meat into the proverbial sandwich!  The book was essentially completed about a year or so ago; but I’m a perfectionist and I feel that I can add a ton of better content that fans will enjoy reading about.  The BrimWEAR clothing line is also still in the works as I needed to adjust my contracts a couple of times.  Even though I may be on point; other people are not.  I did offer a preliminary test launch of the brand a couple of years ago with a company that will remain nameless; but I just did not like the direction it was going in and the product was sub-par.  Moving forward, I’m proud to say that when the time is right; I’ll be working with fellow Hound Comics executive Thiago Castro and his clothing company Tretacore.  My primary focus as of right now is the Borderhounds brand and ensuring the proper amount of time and energy go into the continued success of each of our products.

Photo Courtesy of Holden Leeds

In other news… I was recently quoted in a business story on the ‘Toilet Paper Entrepreneur‘ concerning how to ‘shake things up in your business‘ [READ HERE], you can also read a recent interview with me on ‘Jazma Online‘ [READ HERE] and definitely make sure to check out this article on where to go in NYC to watch the Superbowl [READ HERE] – I revealed one of my favorite hotspots in Manhattan to reporter Elisabeth Rosario at the Examiner… you won’t be disappointed!  I’m scheduled to appear on Snotley Fun Tyme Radio – February 8th, 2011 at 8pm (EST), so please make sure to listen in and support as usual.  Make sure to listen in LIVE [HERE].  Also, for those of you who are in the Tri-State area on February 19th, 2011… Marcello Carnevali and I will be signing in NYC at the Penn Plaza Pavilion for Mike Carbonaro’s ‘New York Comic Book Marketplace‘ so make sure to come stop on by and show some love for your Main Man of the Wasteland!!!  ‘Till next time…


About Brimstone

Brimstone is a professional wrestler, actor, author, philanthropist and comic book hero. In a nutshell, he has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over two decades encompassing everything “entertainment.”
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