Happy Hound New Year… 2012!!!

Happy & Healthy New Year to all my friends, fans and family!!!  It has been an utterly amazing 2011 and I’m truly looking forward to an even bigger and better 2012 for myself and Hound Comics, Inc!!!  Please join me in watching the Documentary concerning Hound Entertainment’s inaugural year… I still can not wrap my head around all the amazing things that our team has accomplished over the course of the past year.  This video should give you a pretty good idea of who we are and where we are going…

ABOVE: From the Beginning – The Inaugural Year of Hound Comics™

I’m also proud to announce that I have just officially signed on as a Celebrity Spokesperson for the Project Meridian Foundation.  My first appearance for them will take place on January 11, 2011 in Tallahassee, Florida with the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott.  Please stay tuned to see how myself and Hound Comics will be involved in the Foundation…

Please make sure to check out the NEW Food Hounds: Tidbits area on the Official Website

Also… Please make sure to visit Etan Wish’s Official BLOG at Project Fanboy for everything Hound!

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Gobble… Gobble… 2011 Update from the Wasteland!

Brimstone: Wizard World Austin, Texas 2011

A HUGE hello to all my Borderhounds out there who have been patiently been awaiting new BrimBLOG‘s for the last few months.  Ok, I know… annoying yes — however; at least I have been utilizing my time in a useful manner!  Come on now people… if you haven’t seen or heard by now; Hound Comics, Inc. has exploded onto the entertainment scene and has been thankfully spreading like a virus!  Our flagship brand, ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds‘ (yep, based on myself ), is the ONLY independently owned and operated comic book series in EVERY Barnes & Noble & B. Dalton in the country which includes over 700 plus locations.  This does not include the tremendous amount of comic book stores, convenience stores and other awesome locations that carry our products.  But wait, theres MORE!!!  We have our Hound Kids Division that has been blowing up and expanding at a rapid rate… we not only have ‘The Border-Pups: CrashBat‘ by Courtney Freeman & Theresa Finnelli; but we have both of Peter ‘Chewbacca’ Mayhew‘s books, ‘Growing Up Giant‘ and ‘My Favorite Giant‘ — and Rich Arons (Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Freakazoid) book, ‘Turbie the Turtle-Duck‘.  They can all be found on BN.com and Amazon.com, as well as on our online store at HoundComics.com.

Brimstone & Luscious at NYCC with the 501st on Red Carpet

So… to be general… I’ve been on the road a lot.  LoL, the Hound Comics Tour has been awesome yet exhausting.  We have literally been everywhere in the country and then some!!!  It really sucks to be away from my family so often; but at least technology has become so advanced… I can spend the little time I actually have seeing and talking to them while I’m away.  I picked up this amazing tablet, the Motorola Xoom which I absolutely LOVE and has literally kept me sane while traveling.  Video chats with my wife and kids at least keep me quasi-sane in a fast-paced go-go-go environment.  So yeah, on the road again… I urge you all to check out our various videos on our Media page; however some stand-outs and my personal picks for you to check out would certainly be Wizard World Ohio, the Circleville Pumpkin Festival, the West Tavern, New York Comic Con, Wizard World Austin, Wizard World Chicago, Wizard World Philly, the Forest of Fear, Renaissance FaireComiConn and the Great Allentown Comic Con.  Thankfully, we are winding down for the remainder of the year and sticking around Long Island for a month or so before heading out again.

Fogo De Chao

Meanwhile… one thing about being on the road that suits me well is our ‘Tidbits from the Wasteland‘ Vlog.  When we head into each area; we like to find out where the tastiest places for eats are in town.  Some are smack-dab in your face — and others are simply so far off the beaten path, you would never know they existed!  Either way… we bring the food to the viewer who wants to know what delicious food lies ahead of their upcoming trip or always wondered what that shack was down the road from their office.  It is outstanding the places that we have had the pleasure of dining at.  Some of my favorites can be seen by clicking the following links: Fogo De Chao, Turf ‘N Surf Po-Boy, Mozaik and Tacos Locos to name only a few!  I know we are waiting on a few other vids to be put up including The Onion who’s food was AMAZING!!! Hands down the BEST pizza in Austin, Texas.  We plan on doing a review section on our site as well to correspond with the videos; just give us a little time while we set things up!

Brimstone's meeting with the Protector

Really, I am extremely proud of everything we have going on at Hound Entertainment.  We have come a long way in the course of only a year, and we anticipate things getting even bigger moving into 2012!  If you have not been keeping up on all things Brimstone and all things Hound… I would certainly suggest checking out our PRESS section on the site which breaks down everything from Official Press Releases to Reviews.  I’m really amped about the new creators and authors that we have signed on to publish including M3, The Protector and Jamie Isaacs‘ book, ‘In Jamie’s Words…‘ launching shortly!  SO much going on and this is just the little bits and pieces…!!!  Anyways, in the past months… I have enjoyed watching the Brimstone character (along with the Luscious character) become a comic book hero, animated hero, video game, children’s book, plush toy and coloring/activity book.  This experience has been surreal and I would like to formally thank all my friends, family and fans for supporting everything I do and following me as I do it!  This Thanksgiving, I’m very thankful for everyone that has had a hand in turning Hound Comics, Inc. into an amazing company to be reckoned with… my loyal fans who have helped to make us a best seller… and my loving family who has sacrificed their time with me to give me the opportunity to continue to do what I do.  2011 has been one of the most all around gratifying years ever… here’s to a lot more to come!

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Oh man… have I dropped the ball or WHAT?!?

I’ve really got to say… I can’t believe that I have not written a new BrimBLOG in over nine months! Insane I know; but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to these things! It has been an incredible year and i promise that I am going to give you all the run down – possibly tomorrow. Actually, I think that it would be appropriate for me to tell you all about what I’m thankful for ON Thanksgiving…

For those of you who are impatient and would like to get yourselves a glimpse of everything I’ve been up to in 2011… head over to http://www.HoundComics.com and enjoy! Just be prepared to be there for awhile…!

Stay tuned and I’ll be back O.o

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Miami to New York… World Premiere Kicked @$$

Brimstone & Ernie Hudson enter Wizard World Miami on the Red Carpet. Photo Courtesy of Paulina Splechta

Oooooohhhhh-weeeeeeee!!!  It has been a wild ride thus far folks!  Wizard World Miami kicked some serious a$$ a couple weeks ago and I’m proud to say that Hound Comics helped in its success… The press has been incredible and the fans have been SO receptive to the Brimstone and The Borderhounds comic book and animated series; it is truly humbling!  If you missed all the hub-bub about our appearance in South Florida, you could check out some stuff at Aventura News, Press Release, Another Press Release, The Miami Hurricane, Shotgun Comics, Mindtrik’d Media, Creature Entertainment, Comi Girl — aww hell… please just Google it and you can find some cool stuff… LoL!!!  It was great getting to catch up with a lot of friends including Torrie Wilson, Nicholas Brendan, Ernie Hudson, Daniel Logan, Bill Sienkiewicz and a handful of others.  Meanwhile, Hound Comics was literally there in force!!!  Marcello Carnevali (writer), Sajad Shah (penciler), Allen ‘Vandal’ Chickering (inker) and I were all on hand representing our brand.  Believe it or not; although working with Allen for the last five years or so — this had been the first time we met him in person as well as the first time we were all in the same place at the same time… except we did miss Thiago Castro (our colorist).  It was a great time had by all at our booth; but it was insane when we went in to launch the World Premiere!  The room was packed with fans and press as we proceeded with our panel concerning the comic and animation… then the moment we were all waiting for — our title sequence on the twenty-foot screen!  I’m not going to lie… it was VERY cool – PERIOD.

Eddie Castillo, Darra Boyd, Low-Ki, Claire Unabia, Marcello Carnevali, Brimstone, Jose Hernandez Jr, Dee Boyd and Damon Wong

Following the return back to New York… on March 8th, 2011 — we held our Issue 2 Release Party at Stone Creek Bar & Lounge which included our New York City Premiere of the Animated Series.  What an evening it was!!!  First off, we were blessed with the presence of a handful of cast members including Low-Ki (formally Kaval in WWE & Senshi in TNA), Claire Unabia (America’s Next Top Model), Jose Hernandez, Jr. (HBO’s Oz), Darra ‘Like Dat’ Boyd (VH1) and last but certainly NOT least… the REAL Luscious (Eddie Castillo)!!!  Our friends over at Floating Pear Productions also made the trip out to the Big Apple from Rhode Island to celebrate with the Hounds for our special announcement.  Also in attendence was another close friend Desi Sanchez (Mtv 2 and Music Choice)… ALWAYS awesome to see Desi!!!  We had a packed house of friends, family and fans who enjoyed complimentary finger foods, conversation and catching up.  I say catching up specifically because I hadn’t seen some of my friends who came through in a while; especially Low-Ki who I hadn’t seen since dropping in on TNA in 2007.  Ki was actually one of my trainers who played an integral part in my breaking into the professional wrestling industry so many years ago.  It was not only an honor for Marcello and I to have him attend the event, but a privilege for him agreeing to be cast for the role of Orgrathan in our animated series.  Moving along… a HUGE thanks to our friend Fernando Cuestas of Nandovision, we have a little clip to share with you in order to find out what our BIG NEWS was…

Yes sir… Peter Mayhew who is perhaps better known to the world as the lovable Wookiee Chewbacca of Star Wars has joined the cast of Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series as The Architect!!!  The crowd was literally in awe when we dropped that information on them… it was tremendous!

More tremendous news on the Hound Comics front is that we are now officially Hound Comics, Inc.!!!  After working on this project for such a long time — it was almost serendipitous that after all these years, we are finally incorporated.  It feels absolutely fantastic that we have been growing at such a rapid rate!  I’m looking forward to continue to build and expand this company that we as a team have hand-crafted from the ground up.  

Brimstone, Kat DeLuna & Low-Ki at Bra Book Digital Release Party

Over the course of the last year… I’ve taken a large portion of my time away from event appearances simply due to my ever-growing responsibility as the CEO of Hound Comics, Inc. (LOVE the way that sounds by the way!).  I have literally been cherry-picking the events that I can actually take the time to attend.  That being said, when my good friend Jene’ Luciani called me to roll through and support the digital release of the Bra Book (which I appear on page 148…) — It was a no-brainer!  I’ve known Jene’ now for many years and aside from considering her a very good friend; she is hands down an amazing entertainment personality.  She works ten times harder than the next person and continues to achieve her goals… I’m very proud of her!  So joined by Low-Ki… on March 10th I headed out to NYC to walk the ‘PINK’ carpet to support!  The party was great and certainly held up to Jene’s high standards of perfection.  It was nice to catch up with Kat DeLuna who I hadn’t seen since we both did the Puerto Rican Day Parade a few years back.  Charles Smith formally of the New York Knicks happened to be in the house as well… VERY nice guy.  Had a great time doing my thing and meeting some new and interesting people.  The event was covered by Bravo!, Life & Style Weekly and Celebrity Life & Style… so keep your eyes peeled for footage in the coming months!  Here was an impromptu interview that I did while at the event… Haha, I could not hear a damn thing — so don’t expect too much!!!  Low-Ki at 4:08 and Brimstone at 5:42 representing Hound Comics, Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series.

Be sure to grab your copy of The Bra Book for your favorite lady!  On another note… I REALLY appreciate all the emails from you fans asking me to update more… I wish that I could guys and gals; my schedule gets extremely busy and sometimes it is just something that I can’t get to!  LoL… It takes a lot to write these things — but I am so glad that you all take joy in reading of my escapades.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I have the BEST fans in the world!!!

Ok, so reminder — Make sure you stop in to your local Barnes & Noble and Book World to pick up your copy of Brimstone and The Borderhounds Issue 2.  Also available on Amazon, the Official Borderhounds Website or any of our digital distributors!

I actually placed at #8 yet again for the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur with my suggestion for determining if your brand is on target… read it [HERE].  To check out a few photos and see what was what at Jene’s shindig… click [HERE].  I shall now leave you all with the AMAZING title sequence of the Borderhounds Animated Series… Please spread the word and help us make this baby go viral… if Rebecca Black could do it — we should certainly be able to get those numbers up people! LoL, until next time… “I got this, you got this, now you know this…”

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Busy… Busy… Busy…

Brimstone & Marcello Carnevali Signing at the New York Comic Book Marketplace 2-19-11 Photo Credit: Fernando Cuestas

Its been pretty nuts over in the Wasteland as the Hound Comics crew and I have been feverishly working on getting everything accomplished for this coming weekend over at Wizard World Miami.  For those of you who came in late… You can get some information HERE concerning the goings on for this coming weekend.  This past Saturday was extremely successful over at the New York Comic Book Marketplace.  The Hound Comics staff was in full effect at the Big Apple’s Hotel Pennsylvania for a GREAT event compliments of Mike Carbonaro.  It was the perfect pre-launch to our promotional tour as we had the opportunity to meet and greet with fans who have been amazingly accepting of the Brimstone and The Borderhounds series.  It has been quite awhile since I did an appearance in my own backyard of Manhattan — so it was a truly heart warming experience.  Just when you’d think the day couldn’t get any better; Marcello and I were blessed to have two of my favorite people as neighbors for the day… Peter and Angie Mayhew!  It is always an honor and a privilege to spend quality time with everyone’s favorite Wookiee and his adorable wife!

I urge all my Borderhounds out there to support the Mayhew’s two NEW books that have recently been published — Growing Up Giant and My Favorite Giant which are both fantastic works of art!  Growing Up Giant is a graphic novel based on the true story of war and shortages faced by a young giant on his journey to find a place in the world (intended for older children and adults)My Favorite Giant is a whimsical adventure that highlights the differences in people as being a strength instead of a weakness. Written for younger children, its message of acceptance is universal.  Please make sure to pick them up HERE.

A couple of recent links to check out for Everything Brimstone:  I recently weighed in again at #8 in the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’s article on “How to get your brand on Target” which you can read HERE.  You can hear my appearance on Snotley Fun Tyme Radio from the beginning of the month HEREHERE is a review of Brimstone and The Borderhounds Issue #2 found over at Kitty’s Pryde.  If you are a fan who would like to contribute to the Hound’s presence on Comic Vine… please find the Borderhounds articles HERE.  I’m always glad to have the opportunity to work with Heidi Kikel (one of my Official Photographers) — When Director Ralph Henriquez asked me who I’d recommend for shooting stills of his upcoming short-film Fuerza; I was ecstatic to refer him to her!  I play the role of Gravis in the film — Hope the film is as fun to shoot as the photo session was!  I was happy to have been able to take the time in order to attend a benefit the other evening to support the fundraising efforts of a friend in need who lost her husband about a week or so ago.  Hound donated our Drawn In Exclusive Dedication which I’m pleased to say raised a significant amount of cash towards the goal.  I’m glad we were able to help out.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for the interactive web series Shooting Blanks by Director David Dickensen where I play the role of Mr. Good.  From what I saw while we were filming; it looks as though this one is going to be a ‘Do Not Miss’.

Collector's Edition HOUNDS wristbands compliments of Bandeez

So… I have to talk about something completely out of left field… can we say, “Official Limited Edition Collector’s Hound Comics Bandeez wristbands!!!”  If I told you these things are kiddie addictive it would be an understatement… literally!  It seems that nowadays wherever I may roam; I see a mass array of what the kids call Silly Bands either for sale or located strategically on wrists across the land.  Not only little kids either; we are talking adults too!  As I was curious about this fad that is SO similar to the colored bracelets from when I was growing up… I decided that I’d seek out a supplier and discuss potential arrangements for Hound bands.  I luckily came across one of the best manufacturers/wholesalers around in Bandeez!  After back and forth talks between Bandeez CEO Elle Sharp and myself… I find that we now have a gross of HOUNDS wristbands that we will be giving away FREE in Miami to all attendees of the World Premiere (while supplies last).  These things are great… loving the heck outta them!

Visit Utopia for The Borderhounds!!!

Meanwhile, chances are if you live on Long Island… you have either heard of or currently frequent the legendary Utopia.  Well, considering ole’ Brim has a tremendous amount of ties there — I stopped in to deliver their copies of Brimstone and The Borderhounds personally!  I’m proud to say that they have issues 1 – 3… YES!!! ADVANCE COPIES OF 2 and 3!!!  Go pick them up while supplies last!  Utopia is located at 3 Newbridge Road, Hicksville New York 11801 (for those of you who are NOT in the know).

Well, I think that is going to conclude my broadcast for today… LoL, I hope you can all make your way out to visit your main man from the Wasteland this coming weekend at Wizard World Miami!!!  I’ll be joined by my esteemed colleagues M.H. Carnevali, Sajad Shah and Allen ‘Vandal’ Chickering for what will certainly be an eventful weekend — History in the making on many accounts!  If you are in attendance; you’ll see firsthand… just sayin’.  Stay cool people… Hell is hot!

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Speaking of the Super Bowl…

Brimstone celebrity coin toss for AFL New York Dragons vs New Orleans VooDoo 2008 at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale New York

First and foremost… I am certainly not a football fan.  I’m normally forced to watch the Super Bowl against my will every year; So… I make the best of it by treating my family by cooking some of the best goodies to eat during the game.  I call it comfort food… LoL!  Really though, I love to play sports… ANY sport actually.  I just find it painful to watch these sports on television.  This year… I personally found it MORE painful to watch the half-time show!  When I heard that the Black Eyed Peas would be performing, I figured that it would be somewhat entertaining.  As a former musician myself… I can appreciate all forms of music and have never disliked the Peas.  Well I can honestly say that this had to have been the WORST performance that I have EVER seen from a professional musical group!!!  I couldn’t handle it… even Slash couldn’t save it!  Oy vey…!!!  Now I CAN say that I DO enjoy attending the events live when I have the opportunity to.  It is a completely different vibe when you are at the event yourself and feel the energy of the crowd.  The only drawback is that I get all antsy and want to get into the action myself!  So I figured while in the spirit of the Super Bowl… I would revisit a couple of my run in’s with some of the NFL‘s best from the Giants and the J-E-T-S (Jets Jets Jets – soooo annoying…)!

Michael Strahan & Brimstone for DriveCOPD in NYC 11-4-2010

On the 4th of November last year I made my way over to Times Square to support a friend of mine who works with the charity Drive4COPD.  They were trying to reach a goal of one million signatures (which they have since accomplished) and were set-up ready to go.  The weather however was frightful and I felt bad for them; so when asked if I would stay and do press with Michael Strahan… how could I say no?  LoL, I wound up having a lot of fun with Mike and stuck around for a lot longer than I was expecting to.  As I am not a football fan… I had to get on the horn with my foozeball aficionado Justin DiGiorgi to give me a few tips as so I would at least know who the guy was.  Haha, he forwarded stats to me for like an hour and I had NO idea what he was talking about!  So I wound up chatting in between press photos and interviews about the time that I first met Darrelle Revis… which brings me to my next story! 

Brimstone & Darrelle Revis - Photo Courtesy of Wire Image

 As you have already gathered from my last story… I know very little about the players in the NFL… I probably know even less about the actual positions that these guys play!  I find myself with these guys on a regular basis while ‘red carpet’ hopping… but considering I am normally at the major NFL Draft parties in Manhattan; I wind up being in direct contact with them and it’s always the same… we are put in an initial awkward situation as we are shoved together for some impromptu press photo!  Haha, I’m not complaining as it’s a great icebreaker and I’ve made a great deal of friends in that manner; but it IS strange!  On one of these occasions, I was introduced to the NY Jets Cornerback Darrelle Revis.  We were given a quick introduction and then took about a hundred photos together before we even had the chance to talk!  When we finally did get to have a convo though… I asked him again (since I couldn’t make out what the hell the PR people were telling me) what the position was that he played.  I admittedly told him that I was incompetent when it came to football and he laughed and then spent about forty-five minutes trying to explain to me exactly what a cornerback does and why it’s an important position.  We got along well so he had his agent make sure that I was invited to his upcoming birthday event to which I accepted.

Brimstone on Red Carpet for the Football and Fashion Launch - Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

I also attended the ‘Fashion and Football’ launch to which I met a plethora of different players.  It’s funny… I’m a big guy; but some of these cats are ginormous!!!  You would be surprised at how well some of the guys clean up too… One thing we do have in common at these events is our love for Brooks Brothers clothes.  Haha, I can actually play ball with them and keep up with the conversation when it comes to good ole’ Brooks Bros…!!!  Those that know me understand that I have an affinity for my custom clothing. 

Regardless… I have a ton of different stories with different players, but I think I gave enough for now.  Hope you enjoyed my babble about a couple of memorable occasions.  I’ll have a ton of fun and interesting stories with more pics and better ‘writing’ in the autobiography once I get back on the horse.  Thanks again as always for tuning in.  It’s been a long day and an even longer night (thanks to Fergie)… Stay Gold!

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Holy Animation Brim-Man!!!

Basic sketched panel from 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series' - Credit: Floating Pear Productions

Hey people!  It has been crazy since I last wrote… The Hound Comics team and I have been working overdrive on getting issues three and four completed under our deadlines as well as deciding on direction for issue number 5.  Meanwhile, we have a ton of other things going on such as preparing for our upcoming appearances, dealing with all the licensing deals and just every day Brimstone biz.  It’s all fun and games until someone loses their mind! LoL… As hopefully many of you know by now, we will be revealing a world premiere sneak peek of ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series‘ in Miami on February 26th and 27th at Wizard World Comic Con.  This my friends is a lot of work on not only our animating house Floating Pear Productions; but on us as well… people don’t realize what goes into productions like this!  Let’s just say it doesn’t happen overnight; although some people certainly think it does. 

Panel from 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' Issue #3

Meanwhile, I’m very proud to say that sales of the comic book are looking very good… I’d like to thank all the fans out there for supporting us and all our new readers who are helping us grow.  It’s pretty insane that I’ve been immortalized on paper through comic books, in action figure form and now animated… crazy!  I’ve got to believe that almost everyone has dreamt of accomplishing these feats at one time or another? 

I also have some breaking news for our upcoming Miami appearance… Attendees will not only get to witness the world premiere of the Animated Series; but we are proud to announce that they’ll have a FIRST LOOK at the ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds’ video game for Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network!!!  We’ve been tight-lipped on the game because of the time it takes to create; however fans will have the opportunity to see some basic footage of the playable demo which will be available shortly from what I’m told by our partners over at SGN Games.  I’m also told that the iPhone, iPad and iPod version of the game will be available around May-July 2011… Very exciting!

Speaking of feats that need to be accomplished… I’ve had waaay too much on my plate lately.  Being that I wind up having so much going on at all times; it is difficult to pay full attention to every project that needs it.  I do appreciate all the e-mails I receive asking about when the book is coming out- that being said; I had to put the Autobiography on hold temporarily.  ‘From the Barren Wastelands of my Mind’ will be back into full swing in due time… again, people do not realize how much goes into a project such as this and I refuse to put out an inferior product; especially in a market such as this where every dollar spent is appreciated!  Meanwhile, I’ve also decided that I wanted to go back in and tear it apart by extracting the filler and injecting more meat into the proverbial sandwich!  The book was essentially completed about a year or so ago; but I’m a perfectionist and I feel that I can add a ton of better content that fans will enjoy reading about.  The BrimWEAR clothing line is also still in the works as I needed to adjust my contracts a couple of times.  Even though I may be on point; other people are not.  I did offer a preliminary test launch of the brand a couple of years ago with a company that will remain nameless; but I just did not like the direction it was going in and the product was sub-par.  Moving forward, I’m proud to say that when the time is right; I’ll be working with fellow Hound Comics executive Thiago Castro and his clothing company Tretacore.  My primary focus as of right now is the Borderhounds brand and ensuring the proper amount of time and energy go into the continued success of each of our products.

Photo Courtesy of Holden Leeds

In other news… I was recently quoted in a business story on the ‘Toilet Paper Entrepreneur‘ concerning how to ‘shake things up in your business‘ [READ HERE], you can also read a recent interview with me on ‘Jazma Online‘ [READ HERE] and definitely make sure to check out this article on where to go in NYC to watch the Superbowl [READ HERE] – I revealed one of my favorite hotspots in Manhattan to reporter Elisabeth Rosario at the Examiner… you won’t be disappointed!  I’m scheduled to appear on Snotley Fun Tyme Radio – February 8th, 2011 at 8pm (EST), so please make sure to listen in and support as usual.  Make sure to listen in LIVE [HERE].  Also, for those of you who are in the Tri-State area on February 19th, 2011… Marcello Carnevali and I will be signing in NYC at the Penn Plaza Pavilion for Mike Carbonaro’s ‘New York Comic Book Marketplace‘ so make sure to come stop on by and show some love for your Main Man of the Wasteland!!!  ‘Till next time…

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